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Allstar Empowerment Program has been going STRONG.

Since November of 2018, our Allstar empowerment program has been growing STRONG! Every Wednesday our young people meet where they receive mentorship, and guidance in our key areas. Allstars have been blessed to have many experts come into their HOPE sessions and do workshops, and inspire them to be great!

Thank you to the many experts who have inspired our Allstars to be successful! Sean Lewis of WGN who showed them that he worked hard from being poor to get where he is today. Thank you to Jeff Gregory who gave them insight on real estate, and Steve Phillipos owner of Homewood Chevy who inspired them so much with his story. Malcolm “MJ” Harris who flew in from LA to talk about finances! Also, Gary Mills gave them communication techniques. Lastly, Arne Duncan who came to HOPE sessions last week who had a real conversation on how young people can move forward the state of politics! Thanks for making an impact on our young people, you have made a difference in their lives.

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