Who Are We

Our mission is to serve as an incubator for the personal, cultural and social development of children and youth in Chicago’s most under resourced communities. 

Through the delivery of innovative and diverse programming the center serves as a safe space where physical, mental and emotional well-being is nurtured and restored, as youth are provided with the tools and support needed to build successful lives and contribute positively to society. 

Majostee Allstars is a 501c3 tax-exempt not for profit organization founded by activist Ja’Mal Green. We have a fully functioning board.

Majostee Allstars began in 2011 as Sky-Rocketing teens corp., an organization dedicated to raising the higher consciousness of youth through the venue of arts and entertainment. Sky-Rocketing found much success with their message of anti-bullying and anti-violence, and was able to spread that message to over 150, 000 students in over 15 states across the US. The organization has been responsible for peace concerts, marches, and events within the community, which has earned many awards for the company. Some organizations that chose to honor our efforts are the Chicago Police Department, Prosperity House Chicago, and numerous other entities.

In the summer of 2015, Sky-Rocketing partnered with the city of Chicago to present “Put The Guns Down” a massive effort to reduce gun violence in the city of Chicago, led by several representatives from our organization. We have also partnered with Residents for a Greater Englewood to present peace days in the community to spread the message of unity and self-love to our neighborhoods.

In the fall of 2016, Skyrocketing Teens Corp morphed into “Majostee Allstars,” an organization dedicated to empowering youth, and inspiring royalty. We saw a need for higher thinking and positive image in the community and felt that reminding our children that we are all kings and queens would bring positive change to our neighborhoods. Under the new moniker Majostee Allstars hosted our first event “A Little Extra Joy” in December of 2016. We were able to provide children from 20 different families with warm coats and a holiday dinner. In February of 2017 we awarded our first scholarship to give children in our neighborhoods an opportunity to attend college.

In the spring of 2017, Majostee Allstars purchased 7919 S. Ashland announcing plans for a 24 hour community center. After not being able to secure full funding, the Board of Dir. decided to relinquish the building as CEO Ja’Mal Green stepped down to run for mayor. In 2019, a new board of Dir. was appointed and Ja’Mal Green was re-instated as CEO to continue the center plans.


Ja’Mal Green (pronounced Jay-Mal) is an activist and entrepreneur whose activism and efforts have reached national and international audiences. Having grown up in Chicago and experienced the effects of poverty and gun violence firsthand, Ja’Mal brings a marginalized perspective to issues such as race relations, economics and the current state of political justice in America.

Since starting his first youth organization at age 15, Ja’Mal has worked tirelessly as a community organizer and motivational speaker, mentoring youth and implementing programs and policies to help reduce gun violence, while also serving as a conduit between law enforcement, politicians and the community at large.

A leading voice at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement, Ja’Mal was handpicked by Bernie Sanders to serve as his official surrogate during the senator’s groundbreaking 2016 campaign, where the young activist electrified crowds of thousands with his rousing introductions. Ja’Mal was tapped back into the surrogate role for the 2020 campaign as well.

A popular media figure, Green is a frequent panelist on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, ABC, CBS, and BBC, and has amassed thousands of followers through his growing social network.

Green is the founder of Majostee Allstars, a non-profit with the mission of empowering underprivileged youth and encouraging self-improvement through training, mentoring, and guidance. Most recently, Green became the youngest candidate to ever run for mayor of Chicago. His campaign inspired thousands around the world as he was featured on the front cover of Teen Vogue and a spread in Ebony.